Extract Column


Use this tool to get a specific column from a delimited text. It works by splitting the list by comma, spaces, or any delimiter it then grabs the only column you want and deletes the rest. This is useful when you are trying to separate a concatenated list or when unmerging a single cell in a spreadsheet. You can extract any column as long as it follows the same format (using the same delimiter).


The delimiter is the character/s that separates each column. In the example below, space is the delimiter.

Column1 Column2 Column3
Column1 Column2 Column3
Column1 Column2 Column3

Basic Example

Extract first names (column number 2), delimited by a comma followed by space ,.

Collins, Maria Ann
Doe, John
Garcia, James
Smith, Nancy
Wright, Charles Henry
Young, Allen
Maria Ann
Charles Henry

To extract surnames instead of first names, extract column number 1 using a comma , as a delimiter.

Revert Changes

Did you put the wrong column number and/or delimiter? No worries, you can use the undo/redo function under the Edit button to reverse the extraction.

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