Tabs to Spaces

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Convert tabs to spaces for formatting purposes. This tool is helpful if you have a tab-indented text or code in a file and you want it to take up less visible space horizontally. You can control the number of spaces equivalent to a single tab.

Leading Tabs

Leading tabs only. When enabled, this tool will only convert tabs that are not preceded by another string (see examples). When disabled, all tabs will be replaced with spaces regardless of placement.

Basic Examples

Example 1: Replace with 4 spaces. Leading tabs enabled.
[4 spaces]Hello[tab]World!

In the first example above, the tab between the word "Hello" and "World" is ignored because the tab is preceded by a letter (o).

Example 2: Replace with 1 space. Leading tabs are disabled.


  • In the bottom left corner, you can see the number of tabs that have been replaced.
  • You can use also use the tab in the text box.

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